Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Was He Thinking...

turning five already?? I swear that wasn't supposed to happen so soon. He's not a baby, not a toddler.

A big kid???

It was his first real, big kid birthday - with a party, friends and everything! I did my best impersonation of my friend Amy, and made him a birthday shirt. I don't do a lot of hand applique, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out and he loved it.
His birthday was actually on Thursday, so he got all his presents from me and Dad and Sis. Then, on Friday, he got the star treatment at school and got to blow out the candles on a pretend cake!

The big party was on Saturday. It was all about Hot Wheels and race cars. It may belong on Cake Wrecks, but I did my best.

Happy Birthday Little Man!


Paula Prass said...

My babies are 33 and 34! I still remember them as my babies. Lots of love to you and birthday boy.

Mary said...

The last one hits 5 in October and I'm in complete denial. Of course, I'm also in denial that the first "baby" is now 18.

Happy birthday to your big guy!

Tiff said...

WOW that cake turned out great!! My baby is turning 4 tomorrow. I thought about doing and Applique shirt for him!

Vanessa Sanchez said...

Happy Birthday to you little guy! That cake is the bomb!