Monday, November 3, 2008

Head Spinning -Day 2

First, I need to start off with a little Halloween fun! My kids are completely into the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies. Can't you tell?

We had a great night - no rain and it was actually "warm" for this time of year. The kids scored on the candy and had tons of fun. Needless to say, they crashed that night!

Now back to more Market action! Saturday morning we started off at the Michael Miller section to lend support and props to our friends. Patty Young and Paula Prass were debuting their new lines. Their booths were gorgeous, as were they!

I was so happy and excited for them! And while Myrinda stayed and talked, ahem, Jonah and I wandered. There was too much to see to be in one place for too long. Our next stop was the J. Caroline booth. Total eye-candy! In pretty tones of orange, it was like a creamsicle dream!

Me and Carline DeVoy

Seven Islands booth

The Queen

The Bananafana booth

Anna Maria Horner and me (isn't she adorable?!)

Need I say more? Amy Butler and me in her booth

My new doll friend Sheree pretty much summed up exactly how I feel about Amy. Since I started sewing as a true passion, she has been a true inspiration.

Amy's beautiful booth

Me and Tina Givens

I didn't get to meet Tina Givens at Spring Market, but was lucky enough to meet her this time around. Tina was so fun to talk to. She is so passionate and creative and warm.

Coolness at it's best -Jay McCarroll and Heather Bailey

The Girls-Myrinda, Sheree, Jonah and me

The person taking the pic didn't know how to use the camera, so we're a little blurry. We were standing in front of the new Freespirit Lifestyle products booth. They are starting a new line of lifestyle products, which is very exciting. One of the most coveted freebies of the whole show were the Sugar Snap bracelets. We stalked that booth every morning to snatch one, but were mostly unsuccessful - until the last day!!

The rest of the day was a wonder-filled adventure full of fabric, color, people, quilts, patterns and pure joy!

To cap off the first real Market day, I have a little Fairie giveaway. Here is a fun charm pack of Michael Miller's new Fairy Frost line. And an 8"x8" stack of Elinor Peace Bailey's new line, "Dance with Fairies" for P&B Textiles. Just leave a comment!


Rochelle said...

Love your kids Halloween costumes. And the fabrics are just my style, the colors are gorgeous, and the fairies are precious

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

The costumes are so cute! Thanks for all the fab pictures from Market!

Jane said...

Well, my dream is to get to the Houston show one day, I live in OZ so it is a bit far away :) But my friend and I have a pact that before we die we are going there hehehe So I live vicariously through blogs like yours :) Thanks. And the fabrics are gorgeous too, love the metallics.

Tiff said...

Sounds like you had a grand time!What a treat to meet all those talented ladies! The charm pack is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the fairies ! thank you for all those beautiful things you show to us and excuse my bad english !
"amitiƩ" from france !

modkidboutique said...

Hey Traci! My Sophie went as Princess Leia for Halloween too... same costume! LOL!!! She was Belle for her school parade but changed costumes for trick-or-treating at night.

Thanks for posting the pictures of my booth and for all the great compliments! You are so sweet!